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About Us:

Harvest Moon is a family run shop centered in the heart of Hitchin selling beautiful fair trade and locally sourced goods. It was set up in 1994 by Janet & Simon Jenkins to sell products promoting complementary health and sustainble living in line with their personal interests and previous work as a counsellor and lecturer. We trade with the developing world and are committed to pursuing a Fair Trade route in their supply chain. We deal ethically, primarily through recognised Fair Trade standards believing this will also facilitate social justice.  Harvest Moon gained status as the first BAFTS  shop in Hertfordshire in 2006. We promote fair trade by having shop visits by local schools and scout groups. We support local mental health groups, provide a community noticeboard, and arrange local concerts and workshops. We also help to organise the highly popular Rhythms of the World Music Festival by selling tickets from June.

Our shop has a very relaxing and nurturing atmosphere, it is filled with wonderful items from our popular incense sticks to gorgeous clothing to decor for the young and old! Brilliant for gifts and personal treats, we love to satisfy our customers with great products and service.We value everyone of our customers and offer generous returns policies, detailed information of our products, refills of Ecover cleaning products etc. We love to give individual service to ensure they find the right book, aromatherapy oil or even Fair Trade jewellery - this can be a patient process.

At the moment, it is currently run by Janet and her daughter Christine Jenkins and open 6 days a week. It has become a community of loyal customers, who often come in for a good chat! 

As well as a loved shop, there are also many other projects Harvest Moon are involved in. One of these being the Rhythms of the World Festival (http://www.rotw.org.uk/) and another being the successful Moon Drummer group (check out the Upcoming Events tab) and the Moon Journeys which gives people the chance to have personal and spiritual development (have a look at the Upcoming Events tab above aswell!)

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and we hope to see you walking through our door very soon.

Love Harvest Moon